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Sparkling UFO Reported in Silverdale, Washington

Sparkling UFO - B J Booth
Marine UFO Sighting.  B J Booth
In 1994, an unusual, sparkling object was witnessed in a 'no-fly' and nuclear warhead area in Washington. Washington is known for a number of UFO reports. See UFO Sightings from Washington, 'Light' Crafts Reported over Vancouver, Washington, Beautiful Object Seen over Spokane  and Colorful Disc Spotted over Submarine Base in Washington. Now let's look at our case.

Silverdale, Washington - January 15, 1994
During an overnight patrol, myself and close to 20 other Marines came close to calling a security alert on an object, which was flying over restricted area.  A mobile patrol unit of (2) Marines first spotted the object ejecting what looked like sparks into the sky. The mobile unit immediately reported the sighting as a "Rocket Ship" to the Alarm Control Center (ACC) via coded radio.
The ACC responded to the mobile unit:
"Be advised, at ease on the net", asking the mobile unit to stop fooling around on the radio.
The mobile unit immediately repeated the aforementioned sighting of a "rocket ship" and included the location of the sighting. I was also part of a mobile patrol unit and had also witnessed the earlier sighting.  I however, didn't witness the object as a "rocket ship", because rockets leave a trail of smoke, flames, sound, and move at high speeds.
Little to No Sound
This particular object made little to NO sound. I could hear the faint crackling of the sparks, as the object slowly moved south. The sparks had the same duration and look of a common July 4th sparkler, just on a much larger scale.
Once I made a positive ID on (the sighting) and not necessarily the craft, I followed up with a call to the ACC corroborating the initial call from the other mobile patrol unit. I was instructed to ontact the ACC via landline to keep all chatter off of the radio.
I stopped at an observation tower to call the ACC.
I described everything we are witnessing and also asked instructions, as the craft was in a no-fly zone and over a nuclear warhead limited area. The sergeant of the guard ordered us to standby as he called the installation commander and/or the Navy. By this time, the object wasn't ejecting sparks, nor was it moving. It had changed direction and moved east just a bit and was stationary.
The sparks had stopped flickering and something else was being ejected from the craft, but it was falling straight down. The best way I can describe the substance falling from the object: plasma white molten lava. It appeared to fall all the way to the ground, but with the amount and density of the trees, I couldn't tell for certain. ALSO the sighting seemed to change my perception on the scales of things. It seemed as if the white hot plasma was falling faster to the ground, than any earthly object would from that altitude.
White Hot Plasma Falls
Example: The object was (my best guess) a few hundred feet in the air, but the white plasma was falling as fast as a water drop from the spout into the sink. It was very weird and made me feel very small.  A group of us Marines had gathered on the East end of the limited area to await instructions and maintain observation of the occurrence. The air was electric. Static-like, is the best way I can describe it. No odor and no sound of the white hot plasma falling through the trees. I thought it was odd, because of the size/amount that was falling. It could've been because of how bright the substance appeared to be... making it seem bigger. I have no clue, it was very strange.
The object made a noise, but it was more a feeling you can feel in your body... like an ultra-LOW frequency hum or buzz.  The object was never in clear view. We were able to track it by the sparks/white plasma it ejected and also the large shadow it cast in the cloud cover. Although common with most UFO sightings, it didn't display ANY exterior lights whatsoever. We lost sight of the object once the white plasma stopped falling. We heard the low frequency hum for a few minutes afterwards but that stopped as well. Also the air seemed to change as well. I could smell the ocean and it smelled very fresh.
Navy Response Slow
The Navy didn't respond until the next day. We never fired on the object because we couldn't identify it and it didn't seem to pose any immediate threat. The Navy stated the following day, they were having an airshow, but I never believed it because of the time of the sighting and we are usually notified of any aircraft flying close to our location.  It is standard SOP for Marines to list all occurrences into a logbook. Some did and some didn't. I was one of the Marines that DID.
All logbooks are turned in to the Platoon commanders, after the logbook is filled. That was the only evidence detailing the event.  That same week, there was an aurora borealis which lasted into sunrise. It was a weird week.  I decided to come forward about this sighting, as it may add some confirmation to someone else's sighting.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Police Officer's Triangle Sighting in England

Triangle UFO - B J Booth
Police officer encounters UFO.  B J Booth


The case below is being investigated by Robert Spearing of MUFON New Jersey. This is a very important case in that there was a police officer who witnessed the event. The United Kingdom is well known for a number of UFO cases. Here are a few: The 1980 Rendlesham Forest Landings, An Early Abduction in Great Britain, Physical Alien Encounter in Shrewsbury, England, The Dechmont Woods Alien Abduction and the controversial Alien Voices from Space (1977).

Sheffield, United Kingdom - 1996

In mid October 1996, I was a uniformed Police Officer with South Yorkshire Police working in Sheffield.  This is in the north of the City and covers a rural area which borders the Peak District National Park.  In the early hours of a night shift (say between 0300 to 0400hrs) I was out on mobile patrol duties unaccompanied in a marked Police vehicle (a diesel engined Land Rover Defender model) and in St.Margaret Avenue Deepcar when I had noticed a male on foot near some dwelling houses who I decided to confront about his presence on the street at that time of day.

In turning the vehicle around to confront the male he had then disappeared. I saw was something ahead of me in the night sky that has projecting a white beam of light similar to a searchlight downwards towards the ground at an angle. I would estimate the event (craft) to be 1,000 yards or more ahead of me in the North.

Beam of White Light

At that time all I could see was a beam of white light being projected downwards towards the ground at an angle.  I could see no other lights at that time.  I could not see any shape or form of what (craft) the light was being projected from.  All I could see was a black sky with no light pollution at that location. My own position was at an elevated position in Deepcar and the event was ahead of me on the horizon which meant that if it was taking place over or near the A616 road it was obviously quite elevated at that location (which is down hill from my viewpoint).

I then used my UHF radio to contact the control room at Ecclesfield Police Station Sheffield about my sighting and to ask whether the Police helicopter had been scrambled to any incident taking place on or near the A616.I also used my vehicle VHF radio to contact force operations room at Police Headquarters Sheffield.

I was told categorically that the force helicopter was grounded at base.

 During my radio transmissions I had continued to observe the event ahead of me on the horizon. This may have lasted several minutes. I became aware that something of a vast size and dark in colour suddenly moved quickly towards me in a straight line and was then directly above my vehicle in St.Margaret Avenue.  I heard no sound of any craft approaching me.  The move was very quick for the distance traveled from the horizon.  I saw no lighting or any illumination on the object as it approached.  I could just differentiate that there was a large dark object moving in the dark sky directly towards me.  

The next thing I knew was that as I was still seated in the Police vehicle the whole street around my vehicle was suddenly illuminated by a fantastic bright blue light which was clearly coming from directly above my vehicle in the night sky.  I had never experienced any such light before or since.  It was similar to an intense blue neon sign light. Sodium street lighting was illuminated in the street at the time but this blue light was tremendous in its power. I bet you could have found a needle on the road it was so intense.  I jumped out of the door and looked directly above me.

Large, Black Triangle Seen  

At that time I could see that there was a very large black triangular object hovering above me/moving forwards very slowly in the night sky.  At this time I could see the underside of the object only.  I could clearly see the triangular shape.  It was black but visible through contrast with the sky.  It was making very little noise other than a sort of whirring noise.  I was shocked at what I was observing.  It was not a conventional  aircraft that I would know. At that time I saw that the craft was showing three red lights to the underside of it.  These were near to the corners of the triangular shaped object.  I estimate the triangle may have been a few hundred feet wide or more.

I saw that it moved to the left beyond this housing and then suddenly changed direction to go right  (as if thrown in reverse) and then suddenly left again on its original course of flight. The speed of the moves was very fast and I did not believe any conventional fixed wing aircraft capable of doing what I saw at that point. The object continued to move very rapidly in this South Westerly direction and I then lost sight of it.  I was in awe of what I was witnessing and wanted to give it my full attention.  

After I had witnessed the object move away from my location in the south-westerly direction I contacted my control room and told them what I had seen ( my own opinion a large black triangular UFO) and told them it was my intention to proceed in the direction of the flight path of the object for any further sightings. I did not seem to get any response from my own control room to the effect that they took me seriously.  The senior officer of the two stated they had seen the brilliant blue light in the sky over Deepcar but knew nothing else of what it was.

Another Officer's Experience

I know this officer had his own experience of UFO sightings on a night shift during the early 1980s in Sheffield when I was on the same shift as him. On the night of my sighting this officer had a brother in the Police working at Attercliffe Police Station Sheffield (about 9 miles away as the crow flies) also on a night shift. I know my colleague spoke with his  brother at Attercliffe and he and officers on his night shift had also witnessed bright blue lights in the sky as well but I know no more  detail than that.

I know I did not lose any time the night of the incident as I did check my wristwatch sometime at the start of the event and after it. I did do this because I have read and heard that people who have undergone these type of experiences have told of "missing time" after the event.  I retired from South Yorkshire Police in 2001.

Three Alien Spacecraft over Germantown, Maryland

Depiction of Sighting in Maryland - B J Booth
Two Cylinders, One Square UFO.  B J Booth


In this recent sighting, three unidentified flying objects were seen in Maryland. The state of Maryland is not a big reporter of UFOs, but the area near it has its share: See: Aliens Encountered in Virginia, The Buff Ledge Alien Abductions, The Kecksburg Crash and UFO Spotted - Limerick Nuclear Plant.

Germantown, Maryland - 05-14-15

Shape: Cylinder - Duration: 40 seconds. This morning, at 9:45 AM on Thursday, May 14, 2015, I was driving on I-270 from Hyattstown, MD, toward Germantown, MD, when I saw at about 20 degrees above my horizon and ahead of me in the sky, 3 objects.

They were flying in a straight line, left to right across my direction of travel, and consisted of two silver cylindrical objects that I would guess were about the size of railroad tank cars but taller and maybe longer, and were ahead of a third object that was black, square or rectangular in shape, and as large as the cylinders.

I saw no windows on any of the objects, or any means of propulsion - no wings or propellers - and no discernible tail features. There was no sign of any smoke or other exhaust features. They were moving relatively slowly, and stayed in view for about 40 seconds before I drove past the point where they were off my right side and out of my sight. If they stayed on that course, they would have passed over the Germantown area.

I was in heavy morning rush hour traffic, in the center lane, and could not pull over to either side to stop for a better view. I don't know for sure what they were, and, unless we have technology that I am not aware of, I seriously doubt that they were made by man - Homo sapiens.

All of my life, I have believed that we are not alone. Now, unless this can be explained away, I am very sure we are NOT alone!

Letter to NUFORC

Hi Mr. Davenport,

I did report it to another site, but they never published anything on it. I just found out about your site due to an article in the newspaper (Frederick, MD News Post).

Thank you for taking interest in it.

And, yes, it WAS a dramatic sighting! I was in heavy rush hour traffic in the middle lane of 3. They were flying just above treetop level. The driver in the car to my left obviously saw it also, but the look on his face was absolute terror. I seriously doubt he told anyone about it.

I did confide in a few friends - almost sorry I did. I don't think any of them believe me. I only wish I could have gotten to my phone to use the camera in it. I have ordered a dash cam, just to make sure something like this never happens - undocumented - again.

Policeman Confirms Other Sightings

I couldn't stop to get a better view either, due to the traffic. I even had a policeman in our church check to see if there were any other sightings. The only thing he could tell me was, "Yes, there were."

I was not frightened by it. But, I must admit, I have lost a few nights sleep wondering who/what they were, where they were from, what they were doing here - so many questions I would like to ask them if I had the opportunity. I wouldn't mind taking a ride in a UFO either, assuming I could come back from it!

The cylinders were so large, I have wondered if it could have been the beginning of an invasion. My guess is each of the 2 cylinders could easily have accommodated 2-300 or more human sized troops. I would also guess the 3rd craft was a control unit.

As I drove down the road after the sighting, a big black helicopter flew past me headed in the direction I had seen the objects going. Interesting!

I must admit I am a Sci-Fi devotee, and I write some under the name ((name and e-address deleted)). This sighting WILL be going into a story I have started. I have now posted a page on my website, www. ((Address deleted)) detailing the encounter. Feel free to link to it if you want to.

If only I could contact them - assuming they are friendly. Oh, SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Family Encounters UFO during Road Trip

Wadley, Georgia UFO - B J Booth
Artist Depiction of Georgia UFO.  B J Booth


The National UFO Reporting Center has recently released some new sighting reports. Here is one of interest from Georgia, which includes a nice  drawing by the witnesses. Georgia is not a high reporter of UFOs, but there are a few: Aliens in Georgia - Three Aliens Seen at Georgia  Campsite, Locust Grove, Georgia Man Describes UFO Sighting.

Wadley, Georgia - 06-29-15

Large metallic object with fluid oil slick body spurting sparks from the rear flies directly over our truck on HWY 1 in Wadley GA.

On 28 June,  2015, at about 5 pm my family and I departed from Richmond Hill, GA, on our long road trip to Colorado Springs, CO, where I will be stationed  as an active duty Army senior NCO. Prior to leaving I bought a brand new GPS navigation unit and we tested it out in town. Our navigation unit directed us toward Augusta, GA.

Our kids fell asleep at about 9 pm.

Large Object Seen

At precisely 01:28 am 29 June 2015 on HWY 1 south heading north approximately 7-8 miles south of a gas station at 10525 HWY 1 south,  Wadley, GA, 30477, our radio began to get real static so I turned it down when my wife noticed a very large object flying left to right coming  toward us.

I looked up to the left and hit my brakes stopping our truck to the side of the road. The object appeared to be approximately 250 meters in  length 60 meters height and was approximately flying 200 feet in altitude and was spurting sparks from the rear of the object. The sparks were  jetting out about 50-80 meters in a pattern of controlling thrust.

My wife and I had a very good look at the object closer than anyone else on that highway considering there were no vehicles in sight.

The object  had a dim glow of orange around it; vague but noticeable. The objects exterior was metallic, but appeared to have an oil-on-water effect to it  and it appeared to be fluid-like movement over the metallic body of the object.

Increase, Decrease of Speed

My wife and I watched in disbelief in what we were witnessing as it moved left to right; the object decreased in altitude as it was over the  highway then began to increase in altitude after it crossed the highway right overhead of us.

We watched as it increased in altitude and  penetrated some clouds and accelerated out of sight through the cloud cover quickly.

I got back on the road and proceeded down the highway feeling a bit shook up with a mild headache trying to debunk what it might have been.  It was too fast for a blimp, too slow for airplanes, with no sound but a mild humming, too big to be any aircraft or helicopter, and so on.

About 4-5 miles further up the road a semi-truck had stopped on the side of the road on the southbound lanes and a car with a guy getting back  in their car as they saw what we saw. I stopped at the first gas station on the right and told the guy there what we saw and bought a few things  
to proceed on our road trip.

An hour later our navigation system malfunctioned telling us we were at our final destination in the middle of nowhere at a church. My wife  mentioned that we have been driving 9 hours which seemed to me to be a long time for the amount of distance we cover. I stopped and  powered it down and reset it to Colorado Springs. We got back on track and we stopped to sleep in north Atlanta area just after 6 am. My  stomach was upset and I did not sleep well nor did my wife.

Vehicle Difficulties

We got up late afternoon and got back on the road. Six hours after being on the road, my truck's transmission began acting up and we had  stopped. I messed around with changing my truck's transmission settings through all the functions for about 15 minutes and it eventually  corrected itself. I have had on and off headaches and upset stomach since witnessing this object. My truck has been acting odd as well, check  engine oil level, check engine, and a large chip in the windshield not noticed before.

I have receipts and time lines. I am capable of drawing and painting a visual representation of what we saw, but my art supplies are packed  away until we find a home to buy so I'm limited as to what I can do for the time being. The image of that object is vivid in my mind to good  detail so I will have produced a visual reference at a later time.

Please keep in mind I am active duty military. I'm speaking of this only because I have not yet been told not to and forced to sign non-disclosure orders as I have been forced to in the past. My MOS has presented me with more than a few of incidents in similar situations. I have always had  been approached and forced to sign the non-disclosure orders. If you need anything else someone needs to get here and talk to me soon.

A Close Encounter in Ohio

UFO over Ocean - B J Booth
Depiction of Ohio Encounter.  B J Booth


For various reasons, sometimes accounts of UFO encounters are not reported for many years. The case below is an example of this. The state of Ohio has had more than its share of reports. Check out: A Sighting in Alliance, Ohio, Children's Alien Abductions in Ohio, Wright-Patterson AFB & Alien Technology, and Man Encounters Black, Triangle UFO.

Willowick, Ohio - 07-15-74

This is my UFO close encounter that happened in the summer of 1974 in the city of Willowick, Ohio which is an eastern suburb of Cleveland located in Lake County(we were right on the Lake Erie shoreline).

It was approximately 10:30 PM (ET) in the evening when this incident occurred. Myself and my three friends were walking down the street (E.324th St.) going north towards Lake Erie heading to the beach at the end of the street where we would often hang out (we were all 17 years old and in between 11th and 12th grade at High School).

My house was at the end of the street on the corner.

When we were about halfway down the road (Parkland crossroads-about 300 yards from the lake) we noticed some strange lights at the end of the street just above the intersection of Lakeshore Blvd. and E.324th St. We continued walking towards the lights and as we got closer we could see that it was a disc-shaped craft with white round lights going around the middle.

Object Hovers over Intersection

It was hovering silently in the same spot at treetop level over the intersection. We continued to walk towards it until we were standing directly underneath the object which was still hovering right above us (it was black in appearance and somewhat larger in diameter than the intersection).

We all looked up at it in amazement wondering what it was and why it was there. We stood under the craft observing it for about 10 minutes; then it started slowly drifting horizontally north towards the lake.

We followed it across the street to the cliff and down the steps to the beach until we were right under it again.

It continued to drift at the same level until it was just over the water when it stopped and suddenly shot straight up vertically into the night sky (no sound) till it was at cloud level in about 2-3 seconds.

It then stopped and the lights changed from a circular pattern to a triangle pattern (3 white lights). It then took off at a high rate of speed north towards Canada till it was out of sight (there was only like a one second pause in between the two directional changes). After it left we were feeling totally confused and could hardly believe what we had just witnessed. We talked about it for a while trying to understand what we had just seen, and then we eventually made our separate ways home, still in a state of shock.

We told some people about it the next day but no one believed us. We went on with our lives after a while but the encounter was always in the back of my mind over the years.

I wished I would have asked some of the neighbors in the area if they had seen it and I wished I would have had a camera. I don't have photos but the images of the sighting were recorded vividly in my mind (memory). Some things that I thought were odd about the incident:


1) No traffic (vehicles) came through the intersection or down the road the whole time of the encounter (about 30 min.)

2) The craft waited till it got over the water to take off (when we weren't under it).

3) The craft transformed from a circular light pattern to a triangle pattern when it got up high in the sky.

4) When I was first standing under the UFO I suddenly got this feeling that a blue light was going to come out of the craft and beam us up to it.

I had a momentary feeling of fear about that, but most of the encounter was exciting and fascinating (could the occupants possibly have had a device like that?).

Never Too Late to Report

Sorry it took so long to report this sighting but we didn't have the Internet and camera cellphones back then, and we didn't know about MUFON or NUFORC. I thought for a long time that it was too late to report it but I recently saw a TV show about people who have had similar experiences that didn't report it for 30 years or so but when they got older they needed to get their story out to the world.

It gave me hope that my story might be taken seriously. I'm hoping that someone that lived in that area at the time and saw it might read this and come forward also to report it (or try to contact me)so my story could be verified. This happened in a dense suburb so I know someone else had to have seen it.

Did an Alien Craft Crash near Jackson, Wyoming?

UFO over Water - B J Booth
Crashing or Ascending.  B J Booth


Cases of a UFO actually crashing are almost always shrouded in doubt. Here is one in which we only have the words of one person. That does not mean the report is not a good one, but one-witness accounts normally receive a low-rating. What the heck! Let's take a look at this interesting case. Here are a few of the crash cases that I feel have a good chance of being the real thing. The Roswell Crash,, The Kecksburg Crash, Crash at Shag Harbor, and UFO Crash at Llandrillo, Wales, UK.

Jackson, Wyoming - July 15, 2001

It was about 3 am and I was traveling on Rt.26 from Idaho Falls to Jackson, Wyoming. I barely made it to work in Jackson that morning and I was in a state of shock and a bit worried when I arrived that someone would come after me. On my way I saw lights as I came up the road.

From far off it looked like a giant Ferris wheel leaning on its side. I thought to myself that was so odd, in the middle of nowhere, in the woods; this? But as I got closer I realized it was surrounded by vehicles, big military vehicles, white vehicles, men in hazmat looking suits, men with guns.

Huge Spaceship Seen

It was down in a small valley and the road I was on began to climb up around a mountain (headed toward Jackson) so I had a bird's eye view by this time. I slowed down, almost to a stop; I realized it was not a Ferris wheel. It was a huge space ship! It had crashed and I almost wrecked staring at it.

I couldn't hear or see anything. I was just in shock.  It had to have been at least 80-100 feet across and was shaped more or less like you see on TV, a disk shaped thing with a portal/door at the base.

It had windows all around the middle of the ship, and the base had colored lights. I noticed red, blue and orange lights.

Imminent Danger

By this time I started coming back to my senses and realized I was in danger; men began running to their vehicles and waving their arms and yelling, drawing their firearms, heading up the mountainside toward me.

Needless to say I took off... pedal to the metal, no exaggeration. It would take them a minute or so to get back on the road because there was only a crude rough road winding down to where the spacecraft was, so I immediately had an advantage.

I barreled up the road reaching 90+ miles per hour in my Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 on a winding incline with cliff on one side and a wall of mountain on the other. Suddenly animals were running across the road and up the mountain away from the site. I kid you not; there were raccoon, deer, and all sorts of creatures just migrating away from there!

I was slowing then speeding weaving in and out of these creatures. I hit the mountainside more than once and almost careened off the cliff several times. I'm telling you it was the most blood pumping thing that ever happened to me and I have been in some hairy situations during my life.  All kinds of things raced through my mind as I sped away from there and looked in my rear view mirror.

No News on This One

Thankfully I got away. I started taking random small roads as soon as I seen them to lose a trail. I meandered all the rest of the morning and I arrived in Jackson just before 8 am as my shift started. I thought about what happened and my friends all told me I looked like something was wrong. I said I was just not feeling well, but what was bothering me was WHAT exactly was going on back there? Would it be in the news? Of course not. Were those men after me?

Also a feeling of wonder, and excitement; because I had witnessed something that I would call others crazy for believing in. It was really true; there IS something out there. 

Unidentified Lights Sighted in South Jersey

Two UFOs in Sky - B J Booth
UFOs Move Across Water.  B J Booth


This report details a color-changing pair of lights over Northfield, New Jersey. Though not sensational, it is a well-reported event. New Jersey and the area around it have been quite active in receiving reports of unidentified flying objects. If you are not familiar with some of those cases, be sure to see: The Wanaque Reservoir Incident, Alien Abduction in Pleasantville, New Jersey, Egg-shaped UFO over Trenton, New Jersey, and 1978 - The Fort Dix Alien, one of Ufology's most controversial cases.

Northfield, New Jersey - 07-11-15
At approximately 9:45 pm, I was in my front yard, smoking a cigarette, sort of gazing across the street at my neighbor's house. After a few moments, my eyes started to wander off to the left (westward) towards the bike path that is provided to us by our municipality.

As I started to look that way, I noticed something in the sky. I glanced up and instantly dropped my cigarette. Above the tree line on the bike path, there were two red objects hovering. They glowed a bright red light and seemed to flash and change colors from red to white. After a second or two of standing there, I ran inside to grab my iPhone so I could record this event.

Objects Not Drones or Planes

I work in television production and have been around drones for a lot of that work. I also fly weekly for my job. I'm in and around planes and airports and have been for the last 12 years. These objects were not drones. They were not planes.

I took 2:30 minutes of footage before my phone's battery started to die.

It was inside on the charger initially and was only around 5% charged when I took the footage. The two objects hovered for a while, and then one took off and flew away; far away. They were both pretty large at first. I would say smaller than a full moon, but much larger than a star.

The one that flew away though did eventually become small enough that it looked like a star.

After a few more seconds, 20 maybe, the one that flew off - which was the one situated on the right hand side - reappeared on the left hand side, lower - again by the tree line and much larger. The two hovered again for about a minute. My phone was dying. I ran back inside to charge it and after a few minutes, I came back outside with my 3-year-old son.

Video Taken

We recorded another 20 seconds of footage and he - though very young and being a child - was able to identify the object and you can hear his voice call it "the flashing star." I'm well educated. I work for a Fortune 500 company. I have a child and I'm an excellent father. I've been around drones and planes for my work. This was neither. My very first reaction was to run and grab a camera.

That wouldn't have been my reaction if I had ever seen anything like this before. It's also important to note that Northfield is a very normal and pristine little borough outside of Atlantic City. The area here is quiet and family oriented and filled with decent people. This is not a hoax or a gimmick or some weird thing. I saw two UFOs. These two objects hovered, flew, flashed bright red and appeared to travel great distances in very short time.

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